Monday, March 14, 2011

Pregnancy- a little journaling

Right now I am 39 and 1/2 weeks pregnant with baby #2. I haven't been very good about documenting all the things I've been feeling during this pregnancy, so here is my "in a nutshell" (but not so short) version of the last nine months. I have been very blessed to have a boring, healthy pregnancy. I do have to say that the difference between Addison and this baby has been phenomenal, but I can now say that I know what most all pregnant women go through. Just to re-visit being pregnant with Addison (so we can get the idea of how easy she was) I was sick for the first few months, but only when I brushed my teeth and sometimes in the evening. I did have a sensitive nose, but mostly just got nauseated (instead of full-blown sick). I never had heartburn, my ankles only swole a TINY bit, I only had trouble sleeping in the last week, and I never felt like I was HUGE. Addison also came two weeks early and weighed a nice 7 lbs 2 ounces. I did however gain 40 lbs, (which was probably due to the fact that I was able to tolerate ice cream... {and lots of it}).

Now to my current pregnancy. Basically, it has been the complete opposite. I was sick sick sick during the first few months- like all the time and everywhere. I even had to stop on the side of the road in Utah one time to be sick. (That's NEVER happened to me). I got big FAST. By the time January rolled around I felt as big as I ever did while pregnant with Addison. Heartburn!?!! Oh it has been something fierce! I absolutely HATE tums, but they have saved my bacon more often than not. I have had swollen ankles, face, hands (and pretty much anything else that can swell up too). This last month and a half all that fit my feet are flip flops. {sad sad}. I have had the hardest time sleeping at night, and get Charlie horses way bad. I am also only a few days away from my due date {not two weeks early}. In fact I'm pretty sure that I will go past my due date significantly. I thought I was in labor twice (once we actually spent the night in the hospital and got sent home the next morning). (My contractions were strong and close but the little guy decided to go up instead of down). {Can I just say that leaving the hospital wearing the same clothes you came in and not carrying a brand new baby out with you feels like the biggest walk of shame ever!!} So since then I have been having strong, painful contractions, but have just been waiting for my water to break (or for them to finally induce me... whichever comes first). So now on a more positive note... I do have to say that there have been some different good things too. I always thought Addison was an active baby inside, but this little guy has really proved to be a mover! He also gets the hiccups pretty regularly. I love being able to watch my belly bounce up and down as he fights them off. The other thing I don't ever want to forget is how he rolls his little feet across the top of my belly. He does it quite often and it's so neat to feel from the inside, that little ball roll from left to right. That's one feeling that no one else can feel or see. It's like he's doing it special for me, and I absolutely love it. I know I won't miss being pregnant (at least for a little while), but I am glad that Heavenly Father trusts me to take care of his most precious little babies. I have been anxious to finally meet this new little man, and can't wait till I can hold him in my arms. It has definitely been a long nine months, but I know as soon as he's here, all the long nights, swollen ankles and heartburn will be long forgotten.
End of January...
This is probably the end of December...
The end of February...
It's so cute to ask Addison, "Where is baby brother?" she'll lift up my shirt and tickle my belly. Then she'll give him kisses and snuggle my belly. I know she's going to make a great big sister!
{And yes- we do have very nice brown slipcovers... they were just being washed :) }

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  1. Juniel- Isnt it so fun to feel the baby kick? That is my favorite part of being pregnant....well actually being sick defiently feeling sick ALL pregnancy!!!! HAHA....just kidding! You certainly make a cute little pregnant chick! Good Luck and in a few weeks you won't even remember this yucky pregnancy because you will be so busy you wont remember what you did the night before ;)!!! Love ya my friend and keep me posted!