Monday, April 12, 2010

California Trip Day #3- SEA WORLD!

On our second day IN California we decided to go to Sea World. All the times we've been to California we've never gone, so we decided to "experience" it. And I say "experience" because it sure was one- One that we will only do once :) It's not that it wasn't fun, it was just kind of a let-down compared to what it's hyped up to be. The Shows were phenomenal! We saw the shamoo show and the sea lion show- and it was good we made it to those. They were great! But the rest of the park was the type of thing that we could have just seen at a zoo or aquarium.
Shamoo. (And he didn't eat anyone... this time ;) I was a little disappointed Align Centerthat the trainers didn't swim with them. But it was good.
The sea lion show. I can't believe people can train these animals! They were awesome! After we went to the sea lion "cove" where you could feed them fish. Me and Stew were so entertained! The sea lions would come up and bark at you if you acted like you were going to feed them! And the birds would attack the people with fish! It was kinda scary! But really funny.
"Petting" the stingrays. They were HUGE!
This is how Addison spent most of the day. And it was St. Patty's day- that's why she's wearing green :) And yes- that's the smallest hat we could find... and no- she didn't really like it much the whole trip :)

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