Monday, April 12, 2010

California Trip Day #2 - THE BEACH!!

Back to recapping the good times from our spring break trip to California! On day two we went to Huntington Beach. The weather was SO perfect! It was Stewart and Addison's first time ever at the ocean and while Addison chilled under the umbrella or in her snugglie, Stewart tried his hand at surfing!
Here's the trio. In California we stayed with our friends the Odells. Their son Matt and his wife live in Huntington and Matt was kind enough to take Jon and Stew out on the waves. It looked like it was A LOT of work! Stewart got out pretty far, but tossed his cookies and came back in. (I think that it's hard to swim in the ocean anyway- getting used to the salt and the waves-so I think it was awesome that he was brave enough to try surfing much less swimming!)
Align CenterMy dad's brother Niel and his family drove down from Lancaster and spent the day at the beach with us too! It was fun to play with their kids and see them in their element! They sure are California kids! They were playing in the water in just their swimming suits! It wasn't too cold, but I didn't think it was that warm! They sure are cute kids!
Addison just cAlign Centerhillin on the beach! She was such a good baby the whole trip! I think she really liked the sound of the crashing waves- they seemed to soothe her.
Grandma and Grandpa doing their grand-parenting duties :) They were such big helps with Addison- and she loves them so much!
Stew playing in the waves on a body board.
Jon and JoAnna on the beach. (Yes- we're from Idaho and it's been a long winter ;)

After we were done playing in the water, we drove down the Laguna beach. Matt and Melody know this private little beach where the tide pools are really good. By the time we got there the tide was coming in so we didn't get to explore the pools. But the beach here was gorgeous! The sun was setting and it looked like a picture from a travel pamphlet.
So anytime we traveled in California it seemed like it took forever (even though we often used the fast pass lane -(which we didn't realize we'd be ticketed for... and Garmin said so...) so we just went the fastest way right? Anywho- going to Huntington from Yucipa usually takes about an hour and a half. On the way home there was a bad wreck on the freeway and it took us FOUR HOURS to get back to Yucipa! We were all exhausted from being in the sun all day-but thankfully we have good parents who stayed awake to inch forward every few minutes. This was the craziest thing I've EVER seen! People were running out of gas all over the place!
I was very thankful for my parent's nice travel van at this time in particular! JoAnna is watching TV, Jon is sleeping, Stewart is laying on the floor in front of the seat that I'm laying on, and Addison was in the car seat at my head. At least through the traffic jam we were comfortable :)

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