Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our last night...

So tonight is the last night me and Stew will spend in our Twin Falls apartment!!! I'm so excited to be able to have the opportunity to move for SO many reasons!!! Reason #1)It's close to both of our families. Reason #2)We're getting OUT of the "city" (yes I know it's podunk to call Twin a big city, but for two small town kids it's just not our cup of tea :) Reason #3)We're moving into an actual house (no more sharing walls and floors... so now I can yell through the house when I want to :) And we can have our radio/TV/Surround sound on as loud as we want! Reason #4)It's a BIG house... three bedrooms, two baths, enough space for a cute nursery AND an office... oh ya... and it has a HUGE tub in the master bath! (I can even fit in it all big and pregnant :) Reason #5) I'm allowed to actually paint the walls if I want to!! No more being stuck with boring whitewashed walls throughout the whole house! Reason #6) We have a fenced yard and enough room to plant a garden this summer! We also have a nice little patio where we can have BBQ's in the summer. (AND It will be good to have the opportunity to get outside and work a little instead of watching the mowing man mow our little patch of grass at the bottom of the stairs :) And finally....Reason #7)The appliances! Yes I know that sounds a little crazy, but in our apartment all of our appliances seem to be on their last leg. The dishwasher isn't very good... in fact I washed dishes by hand because they came out cleaner. The stove is ALWAYS off in temperature. I put a thermometer in there to try and figure out the actual difference, but it always varied!!! So I either got burned food, or had to wait for undercooked food! And last but not least, the fridge. I know it sounds crazy, but I don't trust our fridge. I really don't like that it doesn't have a handle, but even worse than that, the inside is pretty crappy. It doesn't have a light and some of the shelves are broken. SO I feel like I can't eat food out of there, even if it's only been in there for a few days. I know it's a crazy thing and it's all in my head, but for some reason I'm mental. Thankfully, our new house has a BRAND NEW glass top stove, a fairly newish dishwasher, and a GORGEOUS fridge that is a side by side fridge/freezer, has all the handles and shelves, and even has a light!! I can't wait to be in our fabulous kitchen and make a whole bunch of Christmas goodies!!

So I just decided I better post something tonight in memory of this cute little apartment. This apartment has been good for us to start off in. It's spacious, has lots of storage, and decorated up quite nicely! We have made a lot of good memories here and are glad we've had the opportunity to say we've lived like college students :) BUT, no matter how good you were to us, you will still always be just an apartment in the ghetto of Twin Falls. :) And honestly I just can't wait to get outta here!!
I will post some pictures of our old vs new later (when all our cords and stuff aren't packed away in boxes :)

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  1. Hey there.. I just wanted to say that, although I know you hated living in the city, and the small cramped apt., I think you did an amazing job of making your little apartment a real home. That's one thing JoAnna wanted me to put in the Christmas letter (I didn't, because I didn't have room.) She said that you are an amazing decorator, and really made your apt. cute. I think, not so much cute, but home. Now you get to do the same with your new home! Love you! Mom