Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trip to the ER

On Saturday me n Stew went to Gooding to look for some place to rent. We had pretty shotty luck (of course) but it was still good to get out of Twin for awhile. Around noon Stewart started having some pains in his side. At first he thought it was just gas, but by that night he was hurting pretty bad. So I took him to the Emergency Room in Twin Falls. We got to the hospital at about 8:45 on Saturday night. After watching many bleeding and non-breathing patients be emitted before us, we finally got in to see a doctor. He figured for sure it was appendicitis, but had to have the surgeon's opinion too. The surgeon was in another apendectimy surgery, so we waiting for him for another 45 minutes. At about 12:30 he came in, push around on Stewart's sore side and was pretty sure about appendecitis. So he called his team back into the hospital and Stew went under the knife at about one-thirty. The surgery (which was the fifth appendectamy of the evening) took about an hour and a half. So by the time Stewart was wheeled into his room and they let me in to see him it was about three in the morning. Our nurse was VERY energetic. She kept us very well informed on what was going on around us, and liked to chit chat about EVERYTHING. She had to do the 1,000 questions thing and Stew was still kinda out of it so I started answering her questions (not like we hadn't answered them a million times already). When Stew woke up he started answering some by himself. It was too cute, the question was "do you have any scars we should know about" (thinking like if he has a huge scar across his chest... what from?) Well Stewart kinda looked around at himself and was kinda slow about it and said, "well, I do have a little one on my thumb". It was priceless!!

So... the nurses started to thin out at about five thirty and only came in every 20 minutes. So as Stewart was snoring and his machines were beeping and nurses were chit chatting, I managed to get a good hour and a half of sleep in the recliner they wheeled in for me. At about six every time a nurse came in they would say "did you know it's snowing??? Look out the window, it's really snowing!" I think it was because Stewart was under the weather so the weather was under... (if that makes sense :).

Well we were stuck in the hospital till about four oclock on Sunday. We did get pretty lucky though. We didn't have to have a full-time roommate. At about ten they wheeled an old guy in to share the room and for awhile it was pretty busy with doctors in and out to see him. He needed hip surgery and was wheeled outta our room after a short while. Just in time too, cause my family came to visit us. They brought us a picnic basket full of sanwiches and good things to eat (very much needed and appreciated :) So we spent the afternoon watching a combination of football and general conference. Stewart and Jon loved having their own little "football party" and I sure enjoyed having some company.

Stewart sleeping with his little doggy JoAnna gave him.
My family watching hospital room conference :)
And somehowJon still managed to fit a nap into the last conference session :)
Stew was such a good sport. He let the doggie sit on his head the whole time :)
JoAnna was so funny. She would be happy then grumpy then happy then grumpy. She apparantly had some sort of runny nose problem and kept a kleenex shoved up there almost the whole time. It was pretty cute. (see the next blog for the rest of this funny story).

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  1. So your appendectomy did not get you out of church really. Hosptial does get KSL though so saw some of that. Will be better in time for church. Need to think of good jokes. Hurts to laugh with appendectomy.