Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ER Trip (continued from below)

So this blog is continued from the below one. I wrote the first one late last night and this morning it wasn't cooperating to let me finish it. So this is the end, read the other one first.

I left off talking about JoAnna and her mood swings and kleenex stuffed nose. So to help lighten the mood, Jon decided to make us all laugh.
(see the below pictures of the turkey teasing the turkey :)
Jon being funny...
Our View :) At first JoAnna didn't notice that Jon was copying her
(which made it that much funnier)
That's right. He knows he's funny!
And Finally!!! We got to go home!!! This was the most exciting part of the whole hospital trip! Thanks to everyone who called (or facebooked) good wishes! We sure love and appreciate you all! Our patient is recovering very well!

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  1. I just found your blog! Im glad you guys were all ok and your so cute preg!!! :) Do you know what you are having?
    You can check out my blog for a giveaway if you would like! :)