Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So... A LOT has happened within the past week! I feel like I have been busier (and tireder) than ever before in my life! But it's all good. So to start out my long list of blogs, I'm going to start with Canning! I went over to Gooding last Thursday and canned with my mom and sister (and Jon too :) My Grandpa Funk had tons of Peaches on his trees so we decided to can like crazy. My mom was the one who really kept the whole process going. I don't know how she does so many things at once... she's pretty much my hero! Most of the day I peeled and cut peaches. It was kinda an odd thing, it felt like I was peeling and cutting and all of a sudden there were canned peaches on the counter next to me! Like A Miracle! :) My Mom really is amazing.
We made a butt-load of Peaches and a ton of peach Jam too.
(and don't even ask me to define and/or differentiate between butt-load and ton ;)

My Mom being Awesome.
JoAnna Shakin the sugar in the Jars (my favorite job)
And Jon even BBQed us some Hamburgers for Lunch!

So on Wednesday after finding out it was a girl, we went to the fabric store to get some fabric (of course). I am going to make some curtains for my changing table and a crib ruffle to match. While we were there my mom saw this adorable fabric and got enough to make a big baby blanket! She was just so excited! What a cute mom! She's gonna be the best Grandma!! (and look how happy she still is after canning all day!!! AMAZING!)

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