Wednesday, October 21, 2009

due to a lack of exciting news... :)

So due to a lack of exciting news happening in the Bingham household, I'm posting a questionnaire. Enjoy getting to know the real me a little better :)

1. Where is your cell phone... on the table

2. Your hair... needs serious help. I'm thinking color

3. Your mother...has all the answers she's brilliant

4. Your father... Is a good man

5. Your favorite food... Pizza!! But lately I've been craving mexican food or baked potatoes...

6. Your dream from last night... I think it had to do with seeing the bigger picture of something?? at least that's what I woke up telling to do :)

7. Your favorite drink...Diet Coke, but wild cherry pepsi is right there

8. Your dream/goal... to finish school and be a good mom

9. What room are you in...the living room

10. What is your hobby... I've taken to being crafty. I think it's the pregnancy

11. What is your fear...scary movies and the dark

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years... a good stay at home mom and a volleyball coach

13. Where were you last night... went to Kimberly to watch Gooding Volleyball, then to Gerties w/ Hank and Mekala, then home to laugh my butt off watching the proposal! A GREAT night!

14. Something you are not... thin

15. Muffins?...yummy.

16. Wish List items... a baby :)

17. Where did you grow up... in Gooding Idaho... best place to grow up. Ever.

18. Last thing you did... Talked to Stewart on the phone

19. What are you wearing... comfy sweats and Stew's shirt

20. Your TV.... is a nice one

21. Your pets... died. RIP Flavio and what's his name (other fish we had) (hence the diedness)

22. Your friends... are totally awesome

23. Your life... is AMAZING

24. Your mood... feeling lazy

25. Missing someone... ALWAYS missing Stewart!

26. Vehicle... A truck!

27. Something your not wearing... panties (inside joke just for my family) haha laugh it up guys

28. Your favorite store...Wal-mart

29. Your favorite color... Purple

30. When's the last time you laughed... about five minutes ago

31.When's the last time you cried... a few mornings ago. My back hurt so bad!!

32. Your best friend... my momma

33. One place you go over and over...home

34. One person who emails me regularly... once again my momma

35. Favorite place to eat?... Sizzler

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  1. omg the proposal is a hilarous movie i loved it and laughed hard !!!!!