Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What is a little Girl!

She's a bundle of sweetness,
brightness & fun

The beauty of springtime,
the warmth of the sun

She's Innocence covered with mud,
sand, & soot

She's Motherhood dragging
a doll by the foot...

She's a composite picture of
giggles & tears

Of tantrums, excitement,
amusement & fears

A bundle of mischief
and often a tease

A creature of moods
not easy to please...

Who'll capture your heart
with her pixie-like grin

Or chatter and beg till your
patience wears thin

But obedient, naughty,
mischievous or coy

She's Mom's little Darling &

Dad's Pride & Joy.

The Bingham's are having a Girl!! It was so exciting to finally see her! She kicked around at the ultra-sound wand a bit and even moved completely around! We are so excited (and so is my mother :) she bought us two outfits and fabric to make a blanket tonight! So now I can put away all the boy clothes I've inherited and start working on making cute girly nursery items (AND I won't have to put away my flower clips I made... and I can make more :)
Well, we are so excited and just wanted to keep you all updated!


  1. Yeah! We are so excited for you. You two are both going to be great parents to that little girl! Have fun making all the cute girly things. It is hard to resist. Love you Debi

  2. Congrats!!! Way to exciting!!! Have Fun preparing for this little girl!!! She will be beautiful with all of her cute bows!!