Saturday, September 19, 2009

A LOT of random news...

So for those of you who knew, me and Stew were recently trying to buy our first house in Gooding. Unfortunately we weren't able to get the loan. It's probably a good thing for us. I was pretty bummed about it, but Stewart knew just how to fix it. After a dozen roses and a sweet card (which made me bawl) lI felt a lot better... (I think love will do that for ya :).

Aren't they gorgeous?


So we are still looking into moving to Gooding (sooner than later). Earlier this year someone stole a whole bunch of stuff out of Stewart's car, and just recently someone stole his bike. We had our bikes locked up under our stairs here at our apartment, which is a ways off the street. So we think that whoever took it had to be snoopin around pretty close to our building. We have been careful to lock our doors and windows, but just don't feel good living here anymore. I told one of the ladies that I work with in Young Women's that Twin is just too big of a city for me to live in. She had a hard time not laughing too bad at me (she's from LA :) So the other night when there were three cop cars (lights flasing, flashlights out, search dog included) at a house down the street, we decided that we REALLY need to move. Besides, that's not even the "drug house" on our street (or so we thought). Makes me worry about who else puts on a good show in our neck of the woods.
(So I tried to take a picture through the slit in the blinds we were looking out through and with the first picture I took, the flash accidentally went off. We dove under the window like little kids. (makes me laugh now). It was kinda a scary deal though. We'd always thought our neighborhood was relatively safe.... guess not so much.


So in an effort to try and save our dollars, me and Stew have put ourselves on a save money budget. It's been hard to get into the swing of it, but ultimately I think this is the only way to ever owning our own place (which we would like to do again, sooner than later :) So one place we thought we would save money is in the hair department. Stewart normally goes to JC Penny to get his hair cut. They really do a nice job, but I think it's a little steep for a haircut. SO... we decided that I could start cutting his hair and save some money each month. Today was our first go at it. Now if you've ever seen my grandpa Funk after I "cut" his hair, you might've been a little worried (much like my mother was). (Of course, my grandpa Funk doesn't have as much hair as he thinks he does, and what he's got is a pretty fine texture). So after a few hours of a tired butt and hair all over him, Stewart got his hair cut by an amatuer. I think I did an OK job for my first time. I have cut my dad's hair before, but I think that took about4 hours and some meticulous "looking in the mirror direction". Surprisingly I wasn't too scared to cut Stewart's hair. After I used our clippers to do the back I was definately asking myself why we didn't just pay the money to have someone else cut it, but the end result was surprisingly pleasant. I think it looks pretty good (and although I won't look forward to the next haircut) I will definately feel better about using the scissors :)
The before "Sheep-dog" look. I wasn't planning on before/after pics but I just snapped this of him this morning -what a ham! :)
The "after". It may look a little uneven, but that's because of the way he styled it. He just kinda put some gel in it and messed it around. (But look! I didn't butch him!!! :)
What a hunk I'm married to!
(and I cut his hair :)


So we find out if we are having a boy or girl on the 30 of this month and it can't seem to get here fast enough!! Since I've thought it was a girl since the begining and everytime we go to the DR.'s they tell us it sounds like a girl, we're kinda planning on it being a girl, but we're not painting the nursrey yet (mostly cause we can't paint in this rental :) (BUT we would wait a little longer regardless) So in my non-permanent excitement, I have learned/self-taught a new craft. You know those cute flowers that all the babies are wearing? Well I have been trying my hand at making those! They've turned out REALLY cute so far! I just hope this doesn't jinx us on having a girl (although I think I could put the flowers away and would gladly take a boy for my oldest:)
We bought the red flower clip to use as a master pattern and a lady in our ward has made a bunch and gave me some good advice on things like what type of ribbon to use on the clip part, and to make sure and take the flower apart then glue it together. (Thanks sister Willaby!) if this baby is a girl, she's gonna be Stun-stunnin!! :)
It was cute... today Stewart asked if anyone in Gooding was having boys anytime soon. He was considering the match making that could happen... what a cutie :)

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