Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Garden/Redneck Porch

So I have been wanting to plant some herbs in garden boxes and hang them from the porch railing. Last night I went to Wal Mart and picked out a whole bunch of herbs and planting boxes and decided to get some flowers too. I brought them home and me n Stew ended up planting them last night in the dark. It was still fun, and now we have some good plants... not only pretty, but also functional :)
Here is Stewart posing (sitting on our redneck tucker tote on the porch). The railing hooks I bought don't actually fit our porch so for right now this is it.
Here are our cherry tomato plants we bought. Hopefully they don't out grow this pot too much... we figured it will be nice to have some little tomatoes (no matter what our neighbors think of it)

I don't know why this picture wouldn't turn the right way. This is our herb garden. (When I do cook) I like to use fresh stuff and have always had it living in the country... so I figured why not have them while we live in the city too? So here are my herbs... I got chives, lemon basil, cinnamon basil, parsley, thyme and rosmary. On the way home from wal mart the pickup smelled so good with all the plants in it... smelled like a pizza :)And this is a picture of what Stew sat in when he posed for me on the tucker tote. He didn't even really notice till he got up and started walking into the house... dripping water... what a cutie.

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