Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Church Callings!

So today I was called to be the new Mia Maid Advisor! I am way excited! I only have one girl in my class but today there was only three girls total (it's a small young womens and today is a "vacation" weekend) but they tell me it's pretty small anyways. I'm still excited though and being in young womens means I get to go to Girls Camp! Luckily camp is the week after I finish summer school so I won't have to miss any school for it! So now I get to plan a lesson for Sundays and schedule my Wednesday nights for mutual! Growing up is so exciting! :)

Stewart also got a calling. He will be assisting the Elder's Quorum secretary (he's excited... even if he won't admit it.... he told me not to put this in the blog but I am anyways :) Love you Honey!

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  1. that will be a fun calling...i am slightly jealous....i got asked to sub primary at last minute on sunday and i was kinda i am very excited for you i hope it is fun for ya!!!