Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hank's Birthday=TAILGATE!!

So last night was Hank's birthday and also the last day of finals. So we decided that we needed to go celebrate. Me n Stew told Hank we were going to take him out to shoot skeet out by Dietrich, but we really had something else planned. We went and got him and took him to Gooding, picked up Mekala and went out to my parent's house to do some good shootin and eatin. We had LOTS of fun and I think it was just what all of us needed, a break from reality :)

Me n Stew sold back our books to CSI and made a little bit of money on them, so we stopped by Wal Mart and picked up this little charcoal grill and some "supplies".
We made the boys put it together.

They were pretty proud... what an accomplishment... you should have seen them trying to "follow the directions". It was funny to listen to them "we need an 'a' screw".... "we're out of those"...."dude, we've skipped too many steps!" .... Kept us laughing for such a long time!
This is what me n Mekala did.... we were quite entertained by the boys

So Stewart didn't really hit much, Hank hit a few, but Mekala.... SHE HIT EVERYTHING! (and I couldn't hit anything... even the clay pigeon I set up in a sagebrush... sad I know)

Since we were out at my parents and my dad was the only one home he came down on his four wheeler to check it all out. Thank goodness he brought us down another gun... it was small enough and only shot one round per load that I could handle it... (and I didn't waste too many rounds with it :)

This is true red-neck tail gate. Bullets, charcoal, Mt. Dew, zingers, a cooler and Katchup!

Hank's birthday... hence the fancy birthday cake with match candles :) He tried to blow them out, but thanks to the cheap matches he didn't have much work to do.

Hank and Mekala.... so cute.

Me n Stew. I sure love him.

So I pretty much had the most fun I've had in a long time. And now this semester is over!!
I am taking summer school and start in a mere two weeks... (sad day). But Stew is going to just work this summer. I am trying to get done fast and still have to make up for missing this fall semester. Should be ok... We still have some fun things planned for this summer so I'm not too bumbed about school. We can't wait till Debbie, Loni and Ada come to go to Yellowstone! I am SO looking forward to that! Can't wait!
Well, that's just a little bit about us and our plans! It should be a good summer!


  1. That looks like SUPER fun!!! Happy Birthday to our Hankie Boy ( I am glad you guys celebrated it for him ;) )!! Looks like he has a CUTE girl too!!! Oh LA LA ;)!!!

  2. oh yes... she's very cute indeed! (And so much fun!) They have lots of fun together!

    ps~has he told you about the other night?? I'm not saying anything, but you should ask him how his Thursday night was... did anything happen to him maybe?? :)