Monday, May 25, 2009

Nieces & Nephews!

So Stewart's brother Lee and his wife Becca are here with their three kids Dalton, Cora and Eliza. They are the cutest little kids and so good! Becca's brother is getting married and they went through the temple with his fiance on Saturday So we got to spend the whole day taking care of these sweet little children! We had fun playing in the garden and on the trampoline.

Here is Cora and Dalton helping uncle Stewart in the garden. They became little Idahoan potato farmers for a day!

They did such a good job planting the potatoes! Eventually Cora got distracted and it was only Dalton and Stewart. Stewart would dig the hole and Dalton would toss them into the hole... it was so cute (and Dalton is a pretty good aim!)

Here is uncle Stewie playing on the tramp with the kids... they just LOVE him!

Cora's hair is awesome!! What a cutie!

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