Monday, May 25, 2009

More Fun

So Stewart has been calling into the radio station to try and get qualified to win a four wheeler and the other day he was the very last one to get qualified. So on Saturday he had to be at the RV place to try and win. Saturday was also the day we got to watch Lee and Becca's kids so we loaded them up in Grandma Nancy's Suburban and went to town! Unfortunately all Stewart won was a t-shirt, but we had so much fun with the little kids! We got happy meals and new shoes... so overall it was a fantastic day!

Here is Cora with my old phone that I gave to her (Reeta :) Notice the band-aids on Cora's arm. She was chasing Grandma's kitty snoops and snoops "hit her". The kitty got her pretty good, but Cora is a tough girl. She kept saying "Snoops go to bed!" It was so cute!

Here is Dalton keeping himself hydrated with water from his happy meal! They sure loved the nigth at the museum toys... they kept them busy for a long time!

Eliza was such a good girl all day! This picture is on the way home and after a good long, hot day she was still smiling and having a blast!

These are Cora's awesome new crocks! I think she really liked them too. I got the camera out and she proudly displayed them for me. Before we left Twin, Stewart, Nancy and me got a Fruitista freeze from Taco bell. Of course Cora and Dalton wanted some of mine so I gave them a taste thinking they wouldn't like the pina coloda taste. Dalton really didn't like it but Cora liked it. Everytime I got a drink she wanted one too, it was so cute to watch her get a little brain freeze after she took a drink. She would tense up then smile and kinda chuckle... "brr... cold!!" What cute kids eh?


  1. It sounds like you guys had tons of fun!!! i love being the cool aunt...over spring break when i was baby sitting carson...that was out favorite thing to do go and get kids meals....i will always be trying to be the favorite i am glad you guys had fun!!!

  2. Hey Juniel, I was really going to come over Saturday BUT Zeb had Brooke alot of the day and I was enjoying my "TIME-OFF" cleaning house!! How long are Lee and Becca going to be here?? I need to stop by and see with ya later :)!!!