Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bingham update

So this last weekend was mine and stew's "summer vacation". Since I am taking full time summer school and Stewart is working ALL the time we figured we had better get away before real life wore us completely out. So we (I) decided to go to Lagoon. We went with Hank and Mekala and had such a good time! I was pretty bad about taking pictures (i didn't) so there's none to show you really... We went to the waterpark as soon as we got there. That was probably the hotest part of the day so that was good too. After that we made our way around the roller coasters. We went on the cliff hanger that completely soaks you, but that was ok because the intense heat dried us out pretty quickly. So then later we decided to go on the log ride. You know... that tame log ride that only goes around a bend then over the hill... no big. Well we waited in life FOREVER and only a few people on the ride seemed to come out wet. Yeah right. We weren't that lucky. We were completely SOAKED!! It was fun... and still ok cause it was still pretty warm. Our next decision was to ride rattlesnake rapids... bad idea. yes we were wet, but my shoes and hair was still dry (the two things that I really enjoy having dry). Well thanks to those rattle snake rapids we came out even wetter than before! (at least I was). I was the one that when the water splashed into the raft it went right down my back. I was also the one who went under the most water on the water fall part (yes... making my hair AND SHOES soaking wet... not damp... WET. By now it has become overcast, and yes... cold. It was all downhill from there. I don't know about you, but when I have wet tennis shoes, I start getting cranky. Not to mention that the wind picked up (like tornado speed). so we decided to ride two more rides then head home. It was a fantastic trip though! I had tons of fun and I think that everyone else did too. AND it was a perfect way to rejuvinate for our busy summer.

School (btw) is going great. I have a spinning class mwf at six (yes in the morning :) It's a good thing it's early because it helps me to get more done during the day. then I have Sociology from 8-9:20 and Math from 11-12:50 on M-T-W-Thurs. I also have an online business class I'm taking... so far so good (except for the $177 book I had to buy). The best thing about summer at CSI is that it's only 2 months long :) perfect for me.

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