Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Don't Blink 2016-2017

 I was able to go on a sisters/Mom/Girls trip to Idaho Falls.  It was a fun getaway for us all!
 I was also able to get away for a few days and go to a Time Out for women with these awesome friends I've made through the gym.  It was a super inspiring and uplifting weekend, and we had a lot of fun together!
Brogan has become quite the serious wrestler.  He started wrestling in September at Delchev Trained Academy (DTA) (the gym we workout at).  It's now May of 2017 and that boy has been going strong! He's a heaveyweight, so it's often hard to find opponents, but he's one tough cookie!  He won the Friday night Fights, the Salt Lake Slam, The Intermountain Warrior Challenge in Pocatello, and USA State Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco (although he only had to wrestle one kid there- and forfeited for the win in Greco, I was proud of him for being willing to try all three styles his first year here). 

 The kids had some pretty awesome ideas of their Dad for Father's day 2016.  I giggled.

 Thanksgiving 2016 was windy as heck, but we still managed to shoot some clay pigeons and had a fun dinner at our house!
 Jon and Lisa
 We had a fun time hunting our Christmas tree in 2016.  My Dad's family was here from Utah and California and tagged along.  The snow was great and the adventure was as awesome as ever.  (We sure missed Steve and Jaime though!)
 Mom and Dad got a beautiful tree, and so did we.  (We ended up topping the very tippy top of ours to get it into our house :)
 This year instead of taking a tree to the Cemetary, we took a wreath and left his tree at our house for hte kids to decorate.  This will probably be our new tradition. 
 2016 included a round of late night ER visits for each of our kids thanks to croup.  After a breathing treatment and a round of steroids they were a lot better. 

 Rachel spoiled Dax for his Christmas.  Totally outfitted him to be the hippest baby around
 Stewart helped me finish some custom orders I took right before Christmas.  He sure is a good man!

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