Tuesday, May 2, 2017

2016 in the blink of an eye

 Look at me here playing catch up again!!  Here's a quick overview of things I never want to forget!

These cute warriors completed their first spartan race 
 We welcomed our newest Spartan team member Dax on July 1st
 The kids completed their swimming lessons, and are now able to swim well!  They both enjoy passing their swim test and jumping off the diving board.
 Another year of "last minute, plant it and forget it" gardening.  Stewart was good to help with the major weeds, and Brogan sure loved to help harvest!
 Our first hall for 2016
 Daxton's blessing day.
 A fun time on a group date- kayaking with awesome friends!
 We had a fun summer of cousins!
 Right where we belong! ;)
 We were able to climb Borah with friends.  It was amazing and terrifying, and something I'll probably never do again :)
 I sure love this girl right here.  She and I were destined to b e friends and go through all of this life together-I truly believe that!
 These two are still best buddies.  They're so much like their momma's

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