Friday, June 3, 2016

Senator Pride 2015

Homecoming was just a few weeks after the start of school, and Addison was a proud little senator.  they made mustaches and hats at school, to wear to the parade.  She wore hers for days!  (And we had to make Brogan one too)

Wiating for the homecoming parade! 
 Cash died the week of the Gooding fair.  Addison went to a cheer camp, and was supposed to walk in the parade with the cheerleaders.  We were in Boise at the hospital during the parade.  We didn't tell the kids until after we got home.  It broke my heart and theirs to learn that they missed the parade.  (They LOVE the parade and Addison was so excited to BE IN IT this year).  When we got home, we found someone had delivered two full bags of parade candy, frisbees, balls, and all sorts of other goodies they'd collected from the parade.  It brought me to tears, and made my kids SO happy that someone thought of them.  I don't know who did it, but I hope they know how greatful I am for them and their simple act of kindness.  It made my kids so happy, just when they needed it.
 The cheerleaders and their coaches knew Addison was disappointed to miss the parade.  They found this special cheer leading outfit for her, hemmed it to fit, got her legitimate pom poms, and even had a box for her to cheer on during a football game.  The announcer announced her as an honorary cheerleader and she cheered with the big girls for a whole quarter.  She was a little shy about it, but she felt so special to be one of the girls!  I so appreciate Lori Nebeker and Rosa Beads for all the thought and love they put into this gesture of love.  They will never know how much it meant to Addison, but mostly to me.
 Addison and Weston raking the fall leaves at Grandpa Funk's house.

 Addison at a cheer camp during basketball season.  
Most people who grow up in a small town end up resenting it for one reason or another.  I just have to say that I'm proud to be from Gooding, and love and appreciate how much this town came together for our family after Cash died.

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