Thursday, September 10, 2015

Doc Addison Turns FIVE!

Addison turned FIVE years old this year!! (Where has the time gone??).  It's her year to have a bigger party, and she picked a Doc McStuffins party.  It was as much fun to plan it as it was to have it! :)

Welcome to Doc's clinic!

My mom helped me make these doc jackets out of white t-shirts.  Each girl got one of everything!
We custom made some badges for each doctor
They got to fill their doc kit up with all kinds of doc tools too!

Each doc got a headband

and a big book of boo-boos!

We had a delicious healthy lunch before the clinic opened.
The girls each brought a toy to "doctor" while they were here. We took their weight, height, looked in their eyes and ears, took their temperature, and all sorts of things!  Each doctor got a checkup list and they wrote down all their outcomes.  It was SO fun!
Happy Birthday to my favorite little Doc!!!
Addison loved all her presents her friends gave her.  She sure has good friends!
Addison and Raleigh Rasmussen.
They played pin the band-aid on the boo boo

And they even decorated cupcakes!  I think everyone LOVED this part!



Addison and Charly

Addison loved having all her friends to play on her birthday.  Cash and Brogan went to Jaime's and let the girls have their own special time. 
Charley Turner, Addison, Eva Finley, and Raleigh Rasmussen. 
Such good pals!

Addison and Eva

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