Monday, June 4, 2012

Our New Grass!

Our biggest project we've been working on would have to be our back yard.  When we moved in the grass in the back was pretty sad looking.  Stewart lightly tilled it up in hopes that it would come in a little thicker.  No luck.  So then he rota-tilled it all up, and planted new seed.  Two weeks later nothing was popping up, so he seeded again.  Again.  Nothing.  As the weather started getting warmer (surprisingly early), the kids wanted to go out and play.  Too bad the yard was so torn up, and we were waiting for grass!   I began to grow impatient, and thought about laying sod.  I talked to our neighbor and he said they went through the same process before they laid sod too.  So we jumped on the sod wagon!
This isn't the best before, but it's right before we laid the sod.
 (See this huge bush?  Ya- just keep watching for that thing... to be gone!)
The kids were big helpers 

 We also put an edging in to keep the grass from growing into the rocks and stuff.  (Makes it look really nice).
 The boys working hard to pack the sod into the yard (that stuff's heavy!)

 Rolling it out and piecing it together oh so nicely!
 Ta-Da!  We bought one pallet of sod in the first go-around (thinking we'd wait till our next pay check to finish).  Unfortunately, it looked so good, and I loved it so much, I just couldn't wait to get er done!  So for my mother's day present my sweet man finished the sod in the yard.  I couldn't have gotten a better Mother's day present!
 Remember the bush?  GONE!  I hacked away at that bad boy till there was nothing left! (btw...perfect anger management)
 Bye-bye!  Have a nice life in the tree yard :)
 Half done, getting ready to lay the second half
The boys working hard once again!
 They're so strong :) 
 We ran out of edging, so we laid sod, then edged.  Worked fine.
 The second load didn't quite finish the yard, so we had to get another 1/2 pallet.  Now it's nice and finished!
 These two enjoying the fruits of their labor.
(As soon as we laid the first strip in the yard Addison stripped down to her diaper and was laying on it saying "ooohhh".  It was so cute!)

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