Saturday, February 18, 2012


I'm pretty sure I can wait for my kids to become teenagers.  Here's Stew sitting in the boise mall waiting for Antonio to finish shopping the big American brands. Yup, I can definitely wait for our kids to be teenagers!
While we waited we decided to get our pictures taken.  We've never done these photo booth things, but it was worth our $3.00!  We thought we lost Antonio while we were in the photo booth.  He was in Abercrombie, and when we came out, we couldn't find him in the store anywhere!  (Don't worry- after a bit of fretting, we found him in the dressing room).
 Antonio with his "very cheap" clothing.  Didn't seem cheap to me, but I guess compared to Brasil, the six hundred dollars he spent on clothes today was a steal! One store was having 30% off everything in the store.  He bought like 6 shirts there.  When he came out he said, "today is the best day!"  He cracks me up.
(Thanks Mom, Dad, and JoAnna for watching the munchkins for us!  It sure would've been a tough day hauling them everywhere.  You guys are SO GOOD!

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