Friday, June 10, 2011

Silly Kids!

My kids are fairly silly. I know that I can be pretty silly myself sometimes, but I think they get most of their silly genes from their Daddy. He tries to pretend he's shy, but once you get to know him, you know he is pretty darn silly! Anyway- I've snapped a few pictures here and there that are just too silly! I love my littel kiddos! You'd better believe they keep me laughing ALL the time!
"Self portrait of a {drunken} orphan child"
{too much milk}
"sad face"
"She doesn't know I just farted on her!"
"But aren't I cute enough to sit on him Mom?"
"No more Candy -it's bed time"
Cuddled up {on the kitchen floor} with a bottle, and a blankie? NO silly- a doggie!
"Hey baby... did ya get your tickets.... to the gun show?"
"Buger anyone?"
{He slept with his hands up like this for a whole nap!}
{I was obviously impressed}
You've heard of a "towel head"? Meet "diaper head"

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