Friday, June 10, 2011


Addison loves to have a good bottle. {Remember she's still only one?} The doctor had the nerve to tell me I need to get her weaned before it's "too late" {what's with these doctors anyway!? Too late for what?} I have been doing very good, only giving her a bottle of warm milk before nap and bedtime. Stewart on the other hand, hasn't been doing very good. He doesn't like to see his precious girl cry, so he gives her a bottle whenever he's watching her, and she starts to get ancie. It hasn't helped that Brogan ALWAYS has a bottle. It just makes her want more bottles. Lately however, Addison figured out how to get bottles a little more often {without the help of Daddy}. Just before Brogan is done with his bottle, she will try to take it from him to finish it off. Yep- that's right- just helps herself! Sometimes Brogan doesn't finish the last ounce or two. After I set that bottle down you can see Addison planning her attack. She sneaks over to the bottle. If you're watching her, she cautiously picks it up and raises her eyebrows {with great anticipation} as if to say "Mom- do I have permission to finish this off?" I'll say "Do ya want to drink that?" She replies with a "yesh" and a great big set of nods. {How Could I tell her no?} If you're not watching her, she sneaks the bottle into a different room and guzzles that baby down! It's too funny to watch. It's like her little fix. Just an ounce or two will tide her over till nap or bedtime. It's also funny because the way she drinks the bottle. She throws it back and looks around somewhat nervously.
{sort of like this ;) }
My little "Milko"
Ready to pass out :)

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