Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First ER Trip!

We made our first trip to the Emergency Room last Thursday night. Addison had thrown up a couple of times earlier that day {I figured it was no big deal -she throws up quite frequently}. She had gone to bed just fine but woke up at about 12:30 screaming. She threw up a few more times, had a terrible fever {104 degrees}, and couldn't stop shaking. We decided we'd better take her to the hospital. When we got there she knew it was bad news. They decided to run the routine set of tests on her to try and figure out what was wrong. They took her temp {rectally} (which did not make her happy AT ALL), tried to insert a catheter {she's too big for an infant catheter... it didn't work}, took her blood, swabbed the back of her throat, and gave her a shot of strong medicine. The nurses were very nice, but some of them didn't have the steadiest of hands (especially the one who drew her blood). I felt so bad for my poor little girl as we held her down screaming, to try and find the problem. Her blood work came back normal and they weren't quite sure what was wrong. Addison was much better after the Dr gave her a Popsicle {which she chomped gone within seconds}, and the medicine started to kick in. By the time we left the ER she was showing her sad face to everyone, and even telling them all the sounds her favorite animals make. (She's such a little ham).

We took her to a routine follow up visit at the pediatrician's in Twin the next evening. Turns out Addison had "Fifth Disease". It's a viral infection that shows it's symptoms first {vomiting, diarrhea, fever, irritability}, then ends with a light little rash. {By now Addison had the light rash}. After the rash appears it meas she's no longer contagious. (Go figure that out of all the weeks I stay home day after day, this was the week I ventured out to lunch with my girl friends and ALL their kids!) So we've been taking it easy around here the past couple of days. Addison has not been feeling up to herself at all. She's only eaten a nibble on a cracker, here or there, but we've been trying to keep her drinking anything she'll take. She really has wanted to feel better. She'll walk around the house, find a pillow or blanket, and just crash on them for awhile.

Today however, Addison has seemed to return to {almost} completely normal! she woke up this morning and the first thing she signed was "food". I put her in her high chair {something she hasn't been letting me do} and she ate some gram crackers. She ran around all day with only a few small crashes, and she even took her regular afternoon nap. It makes me feel better knowing she is feeling better! {It sure is hard to watch your kid be so sick!}

As far as Brogan goes- at the hospital he was a champ! Slept through the WHOLE thing! He even stayed asleep when we got home and put him back into bed! {I sure love that little guy!} I am a little worried that he's not feeling so great now. He's not throwing up, no fever, and no signs of diarrhea, but yesterday and today he's been very fussy and REALLY needy to be held. {which is not like him at all}. I hope it's just a phase and hopefully he'll get over it quick! It's no fun to have sick kids!!!! {and we gotta bless him on Sunday!!!} :)

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