Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cookies anyone?

So the other night Stewart, Addison and I were all in our bedroom doing our own things. Stewart was typing away at some homework, I was lying on the bed talking to my mom on the phone, and Addison was just bummin around like she usually does. All of a sudden Stewart started freaking out yelling at Addison. Seems she had found a little ziplock bag with some chocolate cookies in it (which Stewart must have brought home, because if I had known we had chocolate cookies they would've been long gone!) Well this little girl decided to help herself to one and a half of these cookies before she was discovered! At first Stewart got mad at her for making such a big mess of herself and the floor, but I couldn't help but laugh. (I guess that's what ya get when you try to hide your chocolate cookies from your pregnant wife) {he he he...} After the initial shock of getting in trouble (and a few shed tears), we got her to crack the cutest chocolate face smile. How can you not just find this adorable?

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