Monday, April 5, 2010

Boy's State Basketball

This is probably the oldest of my "to post" trips. Our trip to Boise for Dietrich's State Basketball tournament slash our anniversary get-away. The only time I will permit Addison to sport Dietrich wear is when she's cheering for family. I made her some cute jerseys for this trip. My favorite says on the front "I'm rootin for..." and on the back it says "Grandpa. #1". Of course whenever we make Addison cute outfits for special occasions she either pees, poos or spits-up profusely on them. This trip was no different. :)
For the anniversary part of it we went to Tucanos Brazilian Grill. It was expensive, but SO yummy!! I was really nervous about eating Brazilian food, but it was surprisingly DELICIOUS!
Like Father like daughter?? I had just fed and changed Addison and went to the bathroom. This is what I found when I came back. Both of them crashed and watching TV. I think it's genetic :)

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