Monday, November 2, 2009

November 1

So lately with the lack of exciting news in our day to day life, I've decided to (copy Jami) and do a picture a day for a month. I'm just going to pick random pictures that don't get much attention and share the good little memories of em!
(So I'm starting with yesterday so I can do a full month)

~November 1~
This is a picture from last December at our "Girls Night In". It was kinda funny... we were supposed to have a girls night out with all of our "far away" college buddies, but none of them could make it, so we (the Twin Falls CSI crew) decided to make a night of it! We built a fort, ate cookie dough and drank a LOT of Mountain Dew and had one of the best night's ever!
I love these girls and miss them like crazy!!!
Good times!

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