Tuesday, May 9, 2017

More 2016 Goodness

Brogan did really great this year wrestling.  He really developed a love for the sport, competing, and being with his friends.  
Prior Gillette, Cade Williams, Brogan
 He took first place at two USA tournaments in Boise this year.
 All of his DTA wrestling buddies, Tayliana Taboa, Josh Ferrin, Brogan, Jaxson Bezdechek, and Cade.
 We love to love on Kinley at wrestling meets too.  She's Brogan and Addison's adopted sister.
 It's fun to go to tournaments with a team!  Brogan loves that the big kids on team DTA treat him just like he's one of their buds.  He looks up to the older kids and his coaches so much!
 Daxton sure LOVES Grandpa Funk!  He's always happy to go see him (and even dives out of my arms!)

 Look at those chubba bubba rolls!  Dax doesn't get a bath very often (since his skin is so dry, we limit his baths) but he loves the water.  ANOTHER water baby!
 Brogan had fun wrestling Idaway tournaments with his buddy Cooper this year!  It was rough that they ended up in the same age division AND same weight class, but they were good buddies on the mat and off.

 My beautiful Addison turned 7 this year!  WHERE does the time go?!  This is her beautiful birthday outfit she got to wear to church. 
 She had a fun family party with both sides of our family. 
 Look at all those awesome cousins!
 She got her Doll she wanted!  Sure love this girl!
 Cade and Brogan... these two are best buddies!!!  And sometimes, they are even twinners!!! Without even planning it!!
 Brogan and Tayliana Taboa.  They've become such good friends at practice, and are awesome team mates to each other. They end up being drilling partners a lot at practice, and are always working to make the other a better wrestler.
  Whenever Brogan wrestles, Tay and her family come watch and cheer for Brogan.  It's really neat to see these kids care about each other.  Brogan got second at this tournament and was a little disappointed to have lost.  Tay was there for him to make him feel good about getting 2nd place. 
 Brogan and Bentley Ferrin.
 Addison is ALWAYS a good wrestling sister.  She's definitely been Brogan's #1 fan, and doesn't complain about being dragged to meets all the time.
 We love to kidnap Kinley whenever we can too!  We got done early after one meet and took Kinley home with us for the rest of the day.  I was amazed when she ate her entire Wendy's cheeseburger, fries, and finished her sprite.  What a girl!
 Stewart is such a good daddy!  For awhile, he was the only one who could put Dax to sleep during church.  He'd swaddle his arms, tickle his face, and Dax was out like a light. 
 It was so fun to get to visit our newest cousin Porter in the Hospital!  Addison LOVES when she gets to hold a new baby!  She's the best!
 Grandma loves to hold a new baby too, but Dax may have been a tad jealous of HIS grandma holding another baby ;)
 This picture of Addison and Dax is just too cute!  She loves her Brothers.  Don't know what I'd do without my Addison Kay!

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