Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hunting a Christmas Tree 2012

Christmas tree hunting we did go!  This year we went with Micah and Lindy and their friends Cassie and Cody.  We went up past Sun Valley and into the woods a bit.  We each took our own trucks (since we all have so many darn kids now) and it was a blast!

We stopped at the ranger station to buy our tree tags.  They had all sorts of stuffed animals and a little coloring center.  (I think I enjoyed it more than the kids did).
 There was a teency bit of snow and both kids were so excited, they didn't want to go any further... this snow was good enough for them ;)
 We did go on, and the snow was AWESOME.  We stopped here and roasted some hot dogs and made hot chocolate.  It was a nice little lunch break and the kids enjoyed playing in the snow.
Brogan loved eating the snow, and thought it was some sort of buffet ;)
 Funny story... When we stopped at the ranger station Stewart put the camera on the toolbox of the truck and FORGOT about it.  When we got to our little camp site I freaked out (so many pictures on it I haven't saved yet).  Luckily it had fallen down between the cab and the bed and landed on the only little thing connecting them, and lodged there.  It rode all the way into the mountains with us (and even worked when we got there!
 The kids loved playing in the snow.  Even though the boys were throwing snow balls at Addison she enjoyed it!
 HAHA.... Addison is potty trained now, and even though we put a diaper on her (just in case) she HAD To poop.  The bathrooms were closed, so this was the solution.  ;)  Too funny not to remember
 Addison loved the snow.  She was happy the whole time!
 The next sequence of pictures is what happened whenever marshmallow man fell down.  HILARIOUS!

 Even though he was kinda puffy, he loved it.
Stewart shot down our lovely Christmas tree.  7 shots {I think} to fell this little guy.
 Brogan is a happy little soul!
 After we all got our trees we did a little sledding.  This is my first go at hauling Brogan up the hill.  I didn't go very far, but he loved sledding!
 Brogan got ran over by a tube.  It was kind of movie style.  The tube was going pretty slow, with no one on it, and Brogan was the only thing around.  Sure enough it just glided over him until it made a nice little stop.  He was pretty nervous (but cute as ever!)
 The 2012 Binghams with our Christmas tree!
 Me, Lindy and Cassie.  I had a great time with these two!
 Micah, Lindy and Alli with their tree.
Brogan threw a fit about getting into the car, so we bribed him with oreos.  Two minutes later this little cookie monster was fast asleep.
It was a great trip, a tradition that we hope to keep alive for a LONG time!

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