Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Halloween 2012

Fall seemed to come and go the same... FAST
October brought my Birthday, {Yahoo for 23} and I got lots of great presents
{Have I mentioned that I married the coolest dude EVVVER!?!}
 -We got a little kitty named Zazzy.  She was a house cat for awhile, but now she's outside with Emmet {of which she's not happy about}
-Brogan and Addison continue to be goof balls
-Every time someone comes over to our house they insist on waiting on the front porch until they drive away.  (NOW it's too cold for that, so it's a million hugs and kisses instead)
Aren't they cute?!
 We dressed up as the gang from the Wizard of Oz this year for Halloween.  Stewart-Tin Man, Me-Scarecrow (who obviously needs a brain), Addison-Dorothy, Brogan- the Courageous Lion, and Emmett went as Toto.
We went to the church's trunk or treat, Grandpa Funk's house, and some of his road, and all of Pine Circle.  That was enough for this Momma :)
We ended the night in Dietrich with Grandma & Grandpa Bingham.

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