Thursday, October 25, 2012

Krista gets Engaged

This is my cousin Krista.  She is pretty awesome.  We did a lot together growing up (including a lot of getting in trouble).  She went with me to market every week in the summer, and we came up with a crayzay summer bucket list (which included touching a random tree in the middle of some guys field on the drive home from market, jumping off bridges, and crazy early morning black Friday shopping). The thing I remember most, is that it was always a good time with Krista! 
Krista did another crazy thing this year.  She got hitched!  I was so stoked to be able to throw her a bridal shower.  (of course we added a little crazy and made it a lingerie shower).  She made quite a haul! 
Of course, we couldn't just stop with a simple shower.  After the shower us "younger gals" paraded Krista out to dinner for a "bachelorette party".

This is about as crazy as it got.  :)
Okay- maybe it got a little more insane ;)

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