Thursday, June 28, 2012

A little bit about Brogie Bear

It's been awhile since I've told you what this little dude's been up to, so here's a little bit about Brogan.
Brogan is such a happy Boy.
  • He get's jealous if anyone "has" his Mom {very big Momma's boy}
  • He doesn't like to share very much, but likes "new" kids
  • He goes to nursery easier than Addison (even though he's not 18 months yet)

  •  He loves to wrestle, and can be deadly if he uses his weight against you. 

  • He LOVES to eat.  Seriously- he is ALWAYS eating. 
  • He makes a HUGE mess when he eats
  • He always wants ketchup/ranch/mustard/dressing on his food (whatever we have he wants).

  • He looks happy now, but he hates being washed up.

(This is what almost every meal looks like).
  •  He loves "fixing" his hair. (He wants it sprayed, combed and gelled.  Then he wants to do all that again, by himself)
  • He also loves to touch his hair (usually after I have just fixed it, or when he has a whole bunch of greeby stuff on his hands)

  •  He really loves to eat.  Really.  I'm not kidding.  :)
  • He's handled teething like a champ.  
  • He has a serious little temper, and knows how to throw a tantrum.
  • He likes red popsicles, not green.  If you try and give him a green one, he'll throw a tantrum.

  •  Every morning Brogan wakes up and immediately says "sissy" and points to Addison's door.  He loves to wake her up.  He loves her SO much.  
  • He copies everything Addison does.
  • He's starting to talk.  A few of his fav words are "nama" (grandma) "nana" (JoAnna) "dis" (this, which includes a point), "tant oo" (thank you), "dada", "Suze" (Suzie the cat), and "papa" (Grandpa.
  • Brogan has taken to snuggling lately.
  • He loves to blow kisses and open the door for people who are leaving our house.
  • He loves outside.
  • He is a tough little guy.  Even after a bump, fall, or hitting his mouth, he wants to stay at the park and play it out.  (That's my boy).
  • He's heavier than Addison.  Last weigh in he was 30 lbs (Addison was 26).
  • He's almost as tall as Addison, but definitely more built.
  • He loves to climb on the footstool and jump from couch to couch. He and the floor are pretty good friends. ;)
  • He always has a cracker in his hand. (because he loves to eat!)

We sure you love Brogan! You are so special to us!

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