Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Family Night Out

Last Friday was JoAnna's Morp dance (girls ask guys).  Since she's not 16, she went with a big group, and they had a little party at our house before (and even after) the dance.  Since Addison loves playing the kinect   more than she enjoys sitting back and watching, we had to evacuate the house.  We decided to take a trip to  Jerome, home of Wal-Mart and McDonald's play place.  We decided that since we'd only be burning a few hours, we wouldn't pack a huge diaper bag (or extra clothes).

Our adventure started out in the car, where Addison shared the marshmallows she found.  Brogan is a messy marshmallow eater! (we took them to church one time, and I quickly regretted the sticky mess).
 Stewart got the "fun" cart.  Brogan looks like he's barely hanging in there, but Addison loved it.
 Our first mission was new pj's to put the boy in (aren't they cute).  Then we milled around the store.  We ended up looking for some dog toys for our new boys.  Turns out their great for kids too!  Brogan enjoyed the rope...
 ....and Addison enjoyed lining up the squeaky pigs!  (She refused to get in this picture).
 After our shopping fun Stewart splurged a whole $1.50 for Addison to have a few cheap rides.  She LOVES these.  I remember liking them as a kid too (not that we ever actually paid to make them go).
 Next was dinner at McDonalds!  Addison was a very good girl and ate all of her fries, an apple slice, and half her burger before she went and played.  Brogan ate half my fries, the rest of Addison's burger, and a whole package of apple slices.  It's a good thing he was taken by the cieling fans, because there was no way I was chasing him up the play thing!
 Addison didn't get brave until she had a little help from a friend she met there.  This little boy (probably 5 or 6) hoisted her up these platform things, so she had access to "the cave" (above), where she insisted on staying for the longest time.  She refused to go down the slide, and went down these platforms all by herself!
The kids are getting to that really fun age where we can take them to do stuff.  I'm so glad to have both of them, and am so excited for all our adventures yet to come!

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