Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Great Pictures

My kids are so cute, giving me plenty of opportunities to get cute pictures of them.
Addison likes to feed her horse Indy oats.  Below she is practicing on her fake horse with some Kix.

 Tuckered out
 We rolled the odometer to 99,000 miles the other day.  We had to stop the car in Wendell to get a good picture of the numbers (Stew's silly about numbers lining up right... and I love it!)
 Got this picture of Addison in nursery having a great time!  She's too cute (but sometimes naughty).  Since Mom and Dad are in Nursery she thinks she has free roam of the class (she's going to be in a different world when we switch wards!)
 Our Cute, simple Christmas tree.  Addison actually helped me put the ornaments on this year (which was quite fun!)
 Addison has this thing about not wanting to take a nap (I KNOW RIGHT?!?!)  She prefers to take a "short rest" (which doesn't include sleep) in the rocker with Mom.  On this day she just couldn't hold out.  Fast asleep in minutes :)
 Look at this stunt-stunnin girl!  She's rockin her Christmas boots, her new found hat, that adorable sweater, and a mischievous smile.  Sure Love her!
 Today Brogan was being a silly silly boy!  It doesn't take much to get this kid laughing, and he has such a contagious giggle, I couldn't help but join in.  He's so fun!
 This picture does a lot of justice to how quick this guy is growing!  Doesn't he look so much older?  He's not my little baby anymore (although he's recently taken to snuggling!!  SCORE!)
I have the best kiddos and have too much fun with them!

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