Thursday, January 27, 2011

James Baby Blessing

A (long) while ago we went to Rexburg for Jason and Cheryl's little baby James' baby blessing. Me and Stewart got a hotel room (just for fun) and we were all able to go swimming at the pool. It was a lot of fun to hang out and play with everyone. We sure love Jas and Cheryl's little family and we're sure going to miss them when they move to Texas :(

(these pictures are in a total random order... for some reason blogger won't let me move them around like I usually do). But enjoy anyway!
Our little family
Flying with Grandpa! Addison sure loves Grandpa!

These pictures aren't in the right order and blogger won't let me move them around so here's the story (just look through the pictures and you'll be able to put them in order). Addison originally just wanted to give Daniel some loves and kisses, but I guess he got a little frightened by her forwardness. He started crying and crawling away... so Addison gave him a little shove to help him on his way. He REALLY didn't like that. So we gave him Addison's animal book to make him happy... which just made Addison mad. That's when she became a bully (hey- she wanted her book back!) When she got in trouble she started crying... and that ends the story of us trying to get them to take "cousin" pictures :)

She just wanted to give Daniel some loves...

Great Grandma and Grandpa Jensen. (This is the Grandma Addison was cloned after ;)
Great Grandpa Jensen and Addison. I just loved this picture
Eating crackers in the hotel room! (How can you not LOVE that face?!)
Addison loves the water! And she also loves her uncle Jon (who is a lot of fun to play in the water with)
Almost everyone in the hot tub (yes... it did overflow) :)

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  1. I can't believe you raised a bully!! Haha he totally had it coming.. I mean hello he stole her book. I love your cute family photos. Love kat