Sunday, June 13, 2010

Poor Pickup :(

Last week for date night we went out to the crater in Dietrich to shoot some skeet (and I shot my little target with my 22). Anwyays, it was TON of fun to hang out with Hank and Mekala! They are such fun and we love to be silly with them! Unfortunately for us, on the way out we went over this little hill and hit a rock. It knocked off some thingy mabobby and our pickup was pretty much no longer leveled (as you can see in the pictures). Luckily it wasn't the axel, the oil pan, or the transmission. (It was a sway bar, or a stabalizer bar??? Something to that effect). We managed to limp it to Nancy's house, but we decided to have it towed to Shoshone. $450 later it's fixed, but we're still waiting for the $450 to appear first :) I guess that's what you get when you think you've just got out of the "vehicle crapper" you just go right back in!I don't know what's more sad in this picture... the truck being on the tow truck, or Rudy limping around trying to be an active dog. Poor Rudy!
We really did have a lot of fun! Had some hotdogs, smores, and LOTS of Dew!!!
Poor Pickup :(

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