Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yes- We've been up to stuff!

Our little cutie pie!
Addison loves our doggie Rambo! and I think he likes her just as much!
Addison meeting our new kitty Puss. Our other cat Boots ran away... but we're glad we still have Puss! :)
Stewart got a new work car recently! Above is his new (brand new) car! When he got it, it only had nine miles on it! (and that's after his boss took it for a test drive!!! It's a cute little thing, and so much nicer than his old work car! It's a jeep version of the dodge caliber. It's much roomier and SO much quieter! We're glad that his boss Marty takes care of us!
Stew's old work car. It was bout time for a new transmission, so they decided to upgrade! Notice how much taller the new car is compared to this one. I know that Stewart really likes not bonking his head everytime he gets in the car!

And yes- we've been up to more stuff... you'll just have to stay tuned for more details!

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