Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the Season!!

So I LOVE this time of year! I get so excited to decorate and get into the holiday spirit. SO... even though we're moving in two weeks (the week before Christmas) I had to decorate my apartment anyway, even though I must start boxing up our lives pretty soon here, our house will still have that Christmas feel to it!

Since we are moving we decided to invest in a fake tree (till we move). The plan for now is to get a real one the day after we move, but this cute little bargain wal-mart tree is our first official Christmas tree together. It's small and pretty "unfull", but I like it anyway. We bought it the day before thanksgiving. Me and my little sister actually set the tree up that night, but me and Stew decorated it this last Monday (for family night :) We put the lights up one night, then some of the decorations the next night, then I finished it on my own... (seems Stewart's Christmas tree decorating attention span is limited :) Isn't he just so cute?
And I just keep getting bigger... :) Our little baby LOVES Christmas music. I played it the whole time we were decorating and she was moving around like crazy!!
We hung the stockings on the wall by the tree...
(thanks to those handy little hooks that come off clean :)
We also had to get some lights in the window. Since I only used white lights on the tree Stewart insisted that we get some colored lights in the window. They've been quite fun too! Almost everyone in our apartment complex has lights in the windows and it looks really festive! I also put some garland and white lights in our kitchen above our cuppords. (I've been waiting to do this the whole time we've been living here... so I thought I might as well just do it :) I love having space above the cuppords to decorate. It's so much fun! (and I'm sure it would have been quite the sight to see me standing on the counters tweaking the garland and placing the lights!) Oh yes... and of course, when I was done putting up all the lights, half of the first strand quit working. So I took that strand down and put a new one up (I made sure they worked). After I got the new strand up, the second strand wouldn't go on. So then I had to switch the two strands around. After all that they all finally worked, but only after all of that :)

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