Friday, November 13, 2009

Puppy Love

Last weekend we picked up our puppy in Dietrich and took her away for the day. She's such a mellow dog I hate to call her a puppy! She is so good when she rides in the car. I hold her on a sheet (just in case) but she just sits on my lap and looks out the window. She hasn't ever peed in the car, and when she needs to go she sorta whimpers a little bit and we let her out to do her business. We took her out to my parent's house so we could hang out with my siblings and she was just so chill. My parent's black lab was HUGE compared to her (so we kept them separated) but she did like the kittens. They didn't care for her too much, but she enjoyed following them around and watching them play.

This is her puppy Dog Face :)

When we took her in the house I set her down on the linoleum and she stayed there for a little while but she eventually belly crawled to the edge of the carpet and snuggled to sleep. People kept walking by and waking her up so she belly crawled under the piano bench and snuggled there. She's so cute and content!
After we took her to my parent's house we went to Twin and went out to dinner with Mekala and Hank. We left her at Hank's apartment (his roomies babysat :) and he took her home later that night. Before we went to dinner we stopped by our apartment and I had to try this little doggie outfit on her. After I put it on she wouldn't move out of this position! Pretty soon it started bugging her and she started trying to get out of it (which was the most "puppy-like" thing I've ever seen her do :) I think she's going to be a good dog once we get her settled in at our place in Gooding.

As far as a name goes... We were going to name her Sadie, but she's just too mellow to be a Sadie. So as of now we are thinking of naming her Bella. If you have any other great extremely mellow doggie names don't be afraid to give us your input! (Debbie, Loni, Brooke ;)

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  1. She looks kind of like Rick says to call her Trudy. That is kind of a funny name, but you will never name a child that so it can work. Just don't name her something you would ever want to name a child or people will think you named your baby after a mut! ha ha ! She is a doll. Debi