Friday, November 13, 2009

November 11

Picture of the day... Day 11
~November 11~
I LOVE These kids!!! And I miss em like crazy!! I can't wait to see them at Christmas!
Our nephew Dalton. When they were here this summer we had so much fun playing! Dalton and Cora are such smart kids, and VERY energetic! We took a trip to Twin with them and they were so entertaining! Dalton had the cutest Buzz Lightyear "Two infinite and Beyond!" thing going on, (and a little bit of spider man in this picture)
Cora is definitely one of the cutest little girls I know! She has so much personality and is so much fun! Grandma Nancy bought her these cool new shoes that she loved! I love it when Cora calls us on the phone! She can be a little chatter box if she's in the mood! I love her so much!!
And this is Liza. I can only hope to have a baby as content and happy as this little girl! While Lee and Becca were here we planted the garden out in Dietrich and we had to go to town to get some carrot seeds. We loaded up Dalton and Liza and took them to Shoshone. Liza LOVED the hilly roads. Whenever we would go over butterfly hills she would start giggling like crazy! This picture was taken on our way home from Twin Falls after we'd had a good long day of heat, shopping and McDonalds (and Lee and Becca had been at the temple all day). Is it amazing that she's still happy and smiling??? I keep praying for a good baby like this! :)

I Can't wait till Christmas!!

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