Saturday, November 21, 2009

failure.... my option

In High School my senior year our school-wide motto was "Failure is not an option". I think this is the stupidest phrase I've ever heard because in real life failure is a true option and several people choose to take it everyday. In fact, I think that if we never fail then we can never know true success (I know that's a quote but I don't know by who). So this post is my little white flag. I have not, and will continue to not be successful in my posting everyday challenge. It's something I thought I could do, but evidentally, (and I'm learning through failure) that it's something I can't/won't do. Please don't feel sorry for me, MY high school motto was "Failure is my option", so in a way I'm reliving the glory days and fulfilling my high school goals :)
(One thing I never seemed to fail at... beatin up on the younger siblings ;) till now of course...

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