Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So this is a picture of our (old fish) Flavio. I got Stew two fishes for his birthday in March. He named one Pepe and one Flavio. While Pepe was short lived (although Lindy did take good care of him while we were on our honey moon:) He died shortly after we settled into our home together. So we only had Flavio, but boy was he a good fish! As exciting as a fish can be... Flavio was. I especially liked talking to him in the mornings or while i did the dishes (heck, it beat talking to myself). Well... not too long ago our beloved Flav kicked the bowl. Stewart changed his water (which leads to the next post...) and the next day Flav called it quits with life. We gave him a good flush and said some words... RIP FLAVIO. (btw... we no longer have any fish... maybe we can keep that alive :)

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  1. Sorry that Flavio passed away. But I think I might know why he died soon after stewart changed the water. If you didn't use distilled carbon filtrated water(You can buy it at Walmart). Most fish will die soon after you change their water unless you put the good stuff in it. We kept our gold fish alive for two years doing this. Maybe you can try again. We just love having fish.